God blessed me with three amazing children. I recently took them to the water park to swim and play. I sat on a bench and watched them as they cheered and giggled and the shrills of pure joy were so infectious as  they jumped in and out of the water fountains.

Screen Shot 2018-11-05 at 17.13.32

I looked at their innocence and thought to myself; “How simple life is; how unadulterated their belief system is.” When a child says; “Please may I have some juice,” they simply are asking that! They are not going to ask where the juice comes from, or if you have the ability to make or purchase it! They expect that you have it. That is simply it. In the event that you tell them there is no more juice and offer them an alternative, for as long their thirst is genuine, they will take it.

As I watched them jump in the water screaming and laughing as the “the big bucket” poured on them water, I thought to myself this is what childlike faith is. It is not just in the belief of the fact that God has got this puzzle called life covered, it is living in its fullness that even when you don’t get what you believe is owed to you, you are perfectly content with what he has offered as an alternative. Not looking at it as second rate but as the best thing for you at that time and there is nothing better!

I went through a season this year where I had planted doubt in my heart, where I thought that if I serve a loving God how could he let all these things happen to me and the people I love. I was angry, disillusioned and distressed all the while covering it with a smile and still giving of myself without question or limit. I made numerous appointments with God because we needed to have some closed-door meetings. I debated with him and gave him my ‘buts’ and ‘because.’ Each time he said; “Could you listen to me please.” I would quiet down for a split second and go back to my previous argument. He sat there looking at me and I could hear him say; “I am here when you are ready to listen, not try to get me to see your reason.” I felt completely at a loss, walking in circles in the desert and couldn’t find my way to the oasis. Then I broke and let go! I went to him lay in his lap and wailed. He engulfed me in his arms and just soothed me. I felt complete rest and there was my answer. I was asking of God for a want not a need. The wants are temporary and the needs are permanent. What I needed to stop feeling the thirst was not the Fanta I kept asking for!

Screen Shot 2018-11-02 at 20.09.58

God is a parent and we are His children. There is nothing more to it. We are naughty sometimes and we throw tantrums and even storm out thinking He doesn’t know what we are talking about. Just like you would look at your baby and think; “Look at him/her.”


He looks at us and with all the love, which is far greater than that for our own children, waits for us to just turn to him. To BELIEVE that he will come to us in our time of need and take over completely and all you have to do is hold out your hands and say; “Daddy carry me.”


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