I have been blessed to live a full life. A life of so much that I need a day to tell you about. I have also had pain and anguish and seasons that left me winded. I sometimes went to bed in tears and frustrated and wondered about this God who could let me go through depression.

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I carry scars of battles I have fought and some of these are still raw. I woke up each day telling myself I am going to be okay and I was but I should have been saying; “This is the day that the Lord has made and I shall be glad in it.”

We are constantly letting the world tell us what should define happiness and yet all these things are temporary and dynamic. New clothes, new shoes, new car, new house and so on and so forth! These things never satisfy for long and before you know it you are in the rat race again to find something new to please you and boost your temporary happiness. I know that it sounds cliché, but you can only find happiness within and your happiness must never be compromised! If you love from a space of nothing, you are giving nothing. You have to fill your heart with joy and the only way that can happen is if your spirit and your soul are bound. The spirit carries the fuel for your happiness but it has to be unlocked! You have to look for the keys in the bible and meditate on them. There is no way you can enjoy the fruits of the spirit if you are not planting the seed for them.

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I am now fiercely protective of my happiness and I am living each day knowing that it’s a gift. Gifts are treasured and looked after and are shared! So for my gift of each day I start with the person who has given it to me.

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I thank him for it and I talk to him about my plans for it and I ask him to give me the courage to face whatever trials might come through. I then try to live the morning of the Proverbs 31 woman. I rise before my household and ensure that my household has a decent morning meal. I then go forth into the day knowing that the Lord who has given me this day is sustaining me and he has given me the joy to carry me through because his word told me so. So the mantra I want to share with you is we can’t compromise on happiness I mean real everlasting, ever present happiness!

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